Setup & Compatibility


Please read our Safety Guide carefully before you set up the Moruta tent. 


Step 1: Prepare your bike

First attach the included straps to the breaks of your bike. Especially for disk brake bikes it is very important to pull the brakes strongly. 


Step 2: The inner tent

Take the inner tent with the storage area and lay it out on the ground. Fixate the inner tent with 4 pegs at the top and 2 pegs at the bottom. 


To fit various bike sizes, the peg positions at the edges 1-4 are adjustable. Use the included “assembly scale” to find the perfect position. Position the peg close to the storage area if you have a big bike and further away if you have a smaller one.


Position the peg at an angle of about 45°. Make sure that you stretch the ground fabric with the black triangle adjusters. 

Use the lower and upper cord if you just set up the inner tent for a warm summer night. Only use the lower cord, when you will set up the flysheet as well.

Now take your bike, flip it and position it in the middle of the storage area. 

Step 3: The connector


Take the connector, fix it to the saddle (1), move it over the wheels and fix it to the handle bar (2). 


Now hook the two connector cords into the pegs (3,4) and pull them tight with the triangle adjusters. 


Finally take the two buckles of the inner tent and connect them with the connector (5,6).


If you have a mudguard on your bike or if you set up the moruta tent with camping or trekking poles, just fix the connector to the pegs (7,8) instead of the handlebar and saddle. 



Step 4: The flysheet

Throw the flysheet over the bike and inner tent. 

You can find two buckles just on the inside of the two black pouches on top of the tent. Use these buckles to connect the flysheet to your bike. 


Hook the flysheet into the same four pegs used for the storage area. 



Plug the aluminum profile into the inner tent and fasten the cords to the pegs and pull them tight with the triangle adjusters. 


Add a peg for ventilation and water flow in the middle. Make sure the fabric is stretched properly. 




Hook in the additional cords and fixate them with two pegs.


Open up the ventilation window with a peg.


To fit various bike sizes, the flysheet is adjustable at position 4 and 5. Pull the webbing band until the fabric is stretched.

Setup during rain

During rain the most important thing is to keep the inner tent dry. Keep your inner tent in the waterproof bag and lay down the storage area only. Put your bike on it and add the connector. Now add the flysheet, connect it to the pegs at the storage area and put the aluminum profiles of the flysheet temporarily into the ground. Now you have a rain protected area to lay down your inner tent - zip it to the storage area and connect the flysheet aluminum profiles properly. Add the remaining pegs and pull everything tight. Now get off your wet clothes and get yourself comfortable in your dry inner tent!




The moruta tent is compatible with most bike types and bike sizes on the market. 



Do you want to know if your bike is suitable?

  1. Measure the height of your saddle from the ground.
  2. Measure the height of your handlebar from the ground.

If both values are within 90cm and 115cm, your bike is suitable for the Moruta tent.




Are you still not sure if your bike is suitable?

Contact us on

Are you curious what happens if you have 90cm saddle height and 115cm handlebar height?

The Moruta tent is so adaptable even this won’t be a problem! However, we would recommend to higher your saddle to have a more balanced height between saddle and handlebar.